Our 31 in 31 Dog-athon challenge in May 2019 was a fabulous success raising much needed funds for two worthwhile charities - StreetVet and the National Animal Welfare Trust and creating timeless portraits for many more lovely families.

See the gallery below of some of our fabulous participants and a little bit of information about them from their owners so you can get to know and appreciate them too.

If you'd like to take part in the next Dogathon please email info@sukaye.com

Barney - the Greyhound

Barney was our first visitor to Dog-athon May 2019.

Barney’s likes: Chicken, sleeping and the sofa 

Barney’s dislikes: Fireworks, loud engines

Interesting fact/story about Barney Barney enjoys car rides, but will sulk if his walk doesn’t end up in a dog friendly coffee shop or if he's really lucky our local dog friendly pub where he gets treated to a dog biscuit or two

Bridget - Podenco Hound and Bertie - Miniature Schnauzer

Bridget and Bertie like stretching out in the sunshine, drinking rain water, even though they have fresh water in their bowls, having their mates over for a play day and snuggling up together on their blanket.

They dislike the cat jumping on them, having their nails cut and wearing their raincoats !

Interesting facts - I suppose it is their breeds, Bertie is a white Schnauzer, not a Westie which most people call him and Bridget is a Podenco Hound.

Bailey - Husky / Malamute

Bailey's likes... rivers, ponds, swamps (any other water than bath water), wrestling with her buddy, chasing anything that moves

Bailey's dislikes... baths, cuddles, obedience training  Interesting fact about bailey... Bailey is a mix of husky and malamute, which explains her independent nature.

Historically these breeds would work for humans through winter in response for food and warmth, and be set free to fend for themselves in the summer months when food was plentiful; a mutually beneficial relationship. They work with you, not for you, and negotiation (not obedience) is key to their cooperation.  It's a pleasure and privilege to gain their trust and companionship.

Poppy - Portugese Water Dog

Poppy likes: sitting on the back of the sofa looking out the window/running with her dog friends Dexter & Bella/chasing squirrels/sleeping on the bed/food and treats!

Poppy dislikes: the ironing board

Interesting item: Poppy came from Lagos, Portugal and is 6 years old/she is NOT a labradoodle! /she is not that fond of swimming and lets the Portuguese Water Dog breed down a little LOL/ she is so very loyal

Charlie likes attention! He’s very friendly and loves attention from both people and other dogs. Charlie dislikes very little! He’s a very affable dog.

Charlie came from Spain. His picture was posted on a website saying that he would be put to sleep if a home couldn’t be found for him within two weeks. He made the journey to the UK From southern Spain over land at the age of 7 months, having had all his vaccinations and having acquired a Spanish passport. When he arrived he barked virtually non-stop, except for when he was sleeping. This continued for three days and three nights but he gradually started to settle as he began to feel more secure. Now 2 years old, he is a confident, fun-loving dog with a lovely nature.

Gus - Bernese Mountain Dog

Poppy - Beagle

Poppy’s likes ... any food, any time, anywhere.

Poppy’s dislikes ... nothing really, she’s a very easy dog. She barks furiously at the Tesco’s delivery man but rolls on her back for a tummy tickle within seconds!

Interesting fact about Poppy ... we saw her for the 1st time at 4 weeks old on Poppy Day, November 11th - hence her name. Her full name is Scarlet Annavah after the breeder.

Lexi - Pomeranian

Norman - Jack Russell

Norman's likes - Food...almost anything, he's a walking Hoover who especially loves my nephew..always sharing biscuits!

Dislikes- Rain! He will refuse to go out for a pee in the garden if it's raining a d has to wear a coat to walk

Norm is naughty especially in his old age...he stole a sausage roll from a lady on the canal who had sat to have her lunch break at work...very embarrassing

Honey - Golden Retriever

Hector - standard wire-haired Dachshund

Hector likes playing with his toys and his friends, belly rubs, cuddles, meeting new people so he can get more belly rubs and cuddles and stealing and chewing slippers (and trying to roll in fox poo)!

Hector dislikes rain and water. If it is pouring he won’t put his nose out the door and will look at me as if I am mad. He walks round puddles and doesn’t like the sea. Giving him a wash after he has rolled in fox poo is fun….the bathroom and I end up drenched!

Hector is named after Hector Bellerin the Arsenal player and his collar and lead are red obviously. His dream is to meet his namesake. Being a scent hound he loves digging in the garden and thinks he is helping when he digs up what you have just planted!

Dexter - Cocker Spaniel

Jax - Havanese

Jax loves being dirty - really dirty! The best time ever for Jax is rolling around in a boggy ditch straight after being groomed!

He dislikes living up to his breeding and being a lap-dog!

Jax is very independent and aloof, it’s a real privilege if he chooses to sit with you and have a cuddle!

Jax is a model! He is signed up to a modelling agency as they love his black ear and beautiful face - he’s available for bookings! ;-)

Sammy - Yorkshire Terrier

Sammy likes lots of cuddles, having his fur blowdried, long walks and is a complete chicken-aholic!

Sammy dislikes walking in the rain! Very large dogs he growls at them, I don’t think he realises he’s a small dog

Funny story to tell you, some years ago when Maddie was younger and at school and it was parents evening and at the time when you saw every single teacher, by the time I got home I was absolutely exhausted and decided to treat myself to a long bath. I lay down in a bath full of bubbles and my back was to the door, I heard the door open, my daughters quite often like to come and sit on the edge of the bath and talk to me, however I was really tired, so I called out whoever that is please go away.next thing I heard was the clack clack of claws on the tiles and Sammy took a huge leap and jumped straight in the bath! I don’t think he expected there to be water in it and he emerged covered in bubbles. I had to call one of my daughters to get him out because if I just put him out he would try and wipe himself on my cream carpet!! It took my daughters ages to get him out my bath because they were so busy laughing. Shame they didn’t take any pictures.

Jesse - Havanese / Yorkie

Jesse likes attention! He can’t get enough cuddles and affection.

He dislikes not being the centre of attention - after all nothing else is as important as him - according to Jesse!

Jesse is a Pets as Therapy dog and visits homes for the elderly where he gets all the attention he desires and shows off his array of tricks.

Lulu - Jack Russell cross

Lulu was adopted from NAWT Berkshire in November 2015 along with her companion border collie Lass. Lulu was 9 at the time, and Lass 12. They had been together since Lulu was a puppy and were too bonded to be split - Lulu fell apart when the NAWT tried. Lass was possibly the only thing that Lulu knew or had been socialised with.

Lulu was an intelligent and curious girl - she escaped from the exercise run at NAWT Berkshire and from her own garden (although it was a good way to meet the neighbours!) but was also pleased to find home again. She even limboed under the fence. Eventually a new fence was put in, and she simply walked round the end!

She was a hunter who used that intelligence to catch her prey - she soon learned that if the magpies were fighting, they wouldn't see her coming. She was feisty enough to corner the fox but incredibly gentle with children. The first summer after Lulu was adopted, she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, campylobacter and peritonitis. Sally thought she would lose her but somehow she pulled through. Lulu grieved when Lass went blind in August 2018, and six days later was diagnosed with a tumour with a prognosis of 2 weeks to 6 months. Despite doubts, she responded well to chemotherapy, and became best friends with the vets and vet nurses - her tail always wagged when she saw them. She was present when Lass was put to sleep in January 2019, and despite the sad reason, she blossomed as an only dog.She was taken to  the Aquadrome where she was determined to catch the dogs, even braving the water.  She lived each day as it came but then it became clear that she was getting very tired and the tumour was growing fast again, and her leg with the tumour was failing, so it was time to say goodbye.

Harley - Cockapoo

Harley likes cuddles, food, socks and tissues

Harley dislikes not getting cuddles, food, socks and tissues Interesting fact – he loves socks so much, when he was a puppy, he stole 12 and ate them. They exited him in a “natural way” and now he looks at the sock drawer and dribbles (as they are kept away from him!)

Malakai - German Shepherd

Malakai is ball crazy and loves to play with all his friends each morning at Phillimore park. He enjoys going training every week and now enjoys scent training. He always enjoys learning new things.

Erin - Lurcher

Erin likes ... her new home, family, friends, comfort, tickles and a ball

Erin dislikes ... nothing now ... apart from not having a ball

Erin was found on the streets with a bloodied/chunk out of ear but it is clearly not a dog bite. She also has a left damaged eye which is a fabulous shade of blue. It is not clear if the 2 injuries were from the same incident or not. They think she can see from it but blurred a bit like opening your eyes under water maybe who knows! She can chase a ball but not always catch it ... when she does we have major celebrations ... people look at us oddly! She loves people, in particular men. We do not believe she was abused as such as she is so loving to people. We think but we do not know that she was kept in a confined area as now she is allowed to run she has the most amazing muscles she did not have before Equally she had quite a thick coat which suggests she was kept outside/trailer situation. She now has the most beautiful shiny coat, clearly shown in your fabulous photos. I guess she was a travellers dog/ similar situation that when she got injured was abandoned, maybe due to cost of vets bills. I do not mean this is any way to be rude to people but it was very clear when we got her home she had never been in a house before! She is so willing to please, toilet training took only 2 weeks, learning her name and sit and wait even quicker

Ziva - Rottweiler

Ziva Likes .... Stealing other dogs tennis balls in the park. She can actually fit 3 in her mouth at once! Breakfast Time .. Dinner Time.. Any other food time!! Going to work with Dad!

Ziva Dislikes....Being told NO! Having to wait for her dinner ... Frogs getting into her paddling pool!

Interesting Fact/Story.... Although she is a big dog she sometimes doesn't realise how big until she tries to get through a gap and gets stuck. Needless to say she has quickly learnt how to reverse!

Bailey - Cavapooshon

Floyd - Miniature Poodle

Floyd likes getting his own way. He is quite independently minded!

Floyd dislikes - Hot weather

Interesting fact/story about Floyd - Floyd is inquisitive. On rooting around in a suitcase he found an almost new tub of 96 Nurofen. He chewed off the ‘childproof’ lock and ate all the pills. He was very sick and very ill and spent several days in expensive care at Brookmans Park Vet Hospital. 2 weeks later he managed to pull a new box of chocolates of the table and eat them (leaving the foil wraps). Again he was very sick but not SO ill. We were too embarrassed to take him back to the hospital! And intelligent One evening, when I was working, he managed to get hold of the cordless phone and make a phone call! He sort of yelped at the man who answered. The man then tried to phone back thinking that the call was a person in distress. Not getting an answer, he phoned the police. The first I knew of it was 2 burly policemen standing on the doorstep checking as to whether someone was in trouble. They were not amused to hear that the phone call was a dog. (I caught him talking on the phone a few other times too, including answering a call.)

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